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Why Pursuit Legal?

The traditional legal service delivery model wasn’t designed for today’s founders and growth stage companies. You may often hear about legal hacks and massive exits, but rarely about the approach and execution. There is serious value to founders and entrepreneurs that work with legal experts who understand their business and have the experience to support them from idea stage through scale-up.

Traditional law firms focus on service offerings rather than industry insights and growth expertise. Pursuit Legal changes that. We help growth stage companies achieve their goals and overcome roadblocks along the way. At Pursuit Legal, we deliver intelligent legal solutions that ensure you get things done the right way the first time, every time.


At Pursuit Legal, we match your small to medium-sized business or startup with the best dedicated counsel for your stage and industry segment. Our approach means your growing company has access to the type of high-impact, expert level legal expertise that is normally only available to large enterprises. Our services are designed so that your legal business partner can handle the vast majority of your day to day needs and provide consistent, thoughtful legal support as you pursue your growth journey. For specialized legal needs, we draw upon our extensive internal and external network of experts.

A TRUE “Full Service” LAW FIRM

At most law firms, founders and executives with diverse legal needs get passed from partner to partner (specialty to specialty)as their needs change. A new specialist will acquaint themselves with your business as you develop a new relationship. As a result, “full service” clients are underserved by the traditional “full services” law firms because nobody is looking after the holistic legal needs of the client. At Pursuit Legal, we change that by making the investment to learn each client's business so that we understand their unique legal needs based on their specific objectives and milestones. And our unique legal business partner model means you won’t get passed from person to person.


We are efficient, flexible, and tailored appropriately for each client. Whether it be clean-tech, advanced materials, or B2B software, materials or services, we offer segment expertise and strategic advice that goes far beyond the scope of purely legal services. We anticipate needs and offer strategic and tactical advice for growing small to medium-sized businesses and startups.

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